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About Our Auction at Sharper Zone

What is is an auction sharperzone software that has been in service since may 2013 (The first prototype of the sniping module was developed in Spring 2013). When sharperzone was first created, it was developed to be used among friends and family members to snipe eBay auctions. The application was intended to be used as a buyer's tool and auction management program with a core feature that performs an automated bidding system to some eBay auctions that close during odd hours or busy times. Later, with the addition of more features and functionalities to the snipe module, the team of developers decided to open this program for public usage by maintaining the ultimate objective: that is 'to bid on eBay auctions during some odd closing hours.'

With more auction sharperzone features that are currently being developed and tested, we believe that our tools can make your bidding experience more fun and rewarding. After using sharperzone, you will have to say that "bidding has never been this easy!" ™

How did start?

Online auction websites are a great hit in word. We thought, “why not bring the advanced experience to United States!” Although a few websites already exist, no one is quite sure if they are in fact honest and authentic. So we decided to start a genuine, customer-friendly and reliable website where people can own cool new products for cheap prices. And the rest as they say is history.

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